Geburtsofotografie Dortmund NRW
If you are considering having a birth photographer but are on the fence. You need one.

Simona was a gentle and positive presence at my sons birth. She knew just the right things to say at just the right time and was exactly what I needed. Her images are stunning and made my “not so fresh face” look like artwork.

Looking back in the pictures of that day fill me with such joy I couldn’t imagine not having them.

– Kathleen

When it came to documenting the birth of my baby there were few things I was looking for- as a photographer myself I wanted someone who understood the need for discretion and attention to detail and as a woman I wanted someone who was there herself and knew what a life-changing experience giving birth is! Simona was absolutely amazing, to be fair I didn’t even know she was there until I saw powerful and emotional images.

– Ieva
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